Guys Wear Bras For A Week

“Hey mom…um I was wondering, how do you wash a bra?”

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  1. Lol, I think they're a bit too tight. If they're having marks and they're small A cups (I'm a 40DD. I never get marks on my shoulders or sides), I think they need to go one size higher. I wear my bras one week each. One week, one bra. Ain't have no time for washing.

  2. One time, I went to get fitted for a bra, and the bras are on ONE side of the room, and the fitting rooms are on the OTHER side of the room, and IN BETWEEN the bras and the fitting rooms, are the boys shoes. I ran into my friend Tyler. They don’t know the half of it.

  3. I like how buzzfeed just forced guys to go through a females daily life and make them understand how privileged they are and how they should bow down to women for going through this. SMH screw you buzzfeed

  4. Of course it's omega males on Buzzfeed doing this. All the "males" working here are closet cases. If you are gay just own up to it. It's 2019 FFS. If you are gay I'm cool with that. It's the lying ass denial omegas who make it worse for honest lgbt folks.

  5. I like how women in the comments are complaining about bras and how annoying they are when there are people in this world that don’t have homes, food, water, etc. oh what a world we live in

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