GUYS VS GIRLS: closet swap challenge

The first video in our new series: GUYS vs. GIRLS!! Today my boyfriend and I are doing a closet swap challenge where we need to style 3 outfits for ourselves from each other’s closets. We did 3 categories: athletic/workout, everyday, and formal.
Let us know in the comments who you think won this challenge, and any ideas you want us to make in this new series!! it can be challenges, opinion topics (answering q&a questions about a specific topic to get our different opinions), or any other ideas you have!

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Have a great day everyone and make someone smile!! I LOVE YOU ALL
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    Loving this video soooo much, you guys are hilarious!! ❤️
    I love how you you are in your videos, it truly shows! 😊
    Can not WAIT for more content to come, I made sure to like it of course!
    Let's be youtube buddies & support each other! If you could, please check out my recent & comment letting me know what ya think! 👀

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