Greatest Tank Battles- Battle of the Bulge pt1. (new version translated )

Because of copyright, my youtube status was downgraded till Nov. Until then I can no longer upload videos longer then 15 min. So until I’m back in good standing with youtube, I must comply. So my videos will need to be in 2-3 parts.


  1. You have to say the German soldier was the best Infantryman in the World, if it wasn't for the logistical problems they have made it to Antwerp & the channel?

  2. If this documentary is accurate, then in ALL other tank firefights
    Americans only ran into Tigers on 2 occasions
    and the Tigers were locked down on train carriers in 1 of those occasions.
    (Hint: EVERYTHING becomes a Tiger when you're looking out of a Sherman.
    It's universal. Everything became a Spitfire when you're looking out of an ME109.)

  3. Hitler was such an idiot, if he had left the tactical command of the military to his generals he would've won the war, instead his constant meddling caused delays, and avoidable casualties, and soldiers being captures.

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