Got bred multiple times in one day, but got really sore. Tips needed!

Hey there, I hope everyone had a nice weekend cause I sure did! I started off my Sunday morning with a Grindr hookup, a white guy in his 30’s and he was also on prep so we barebacked and he bred me. Had lunch, and at around 1:30PM, another guy hit me up and we agreed to meet at a Macy’s restroom. He forgot to bring condoms but he was also on prep, so we ended up fucking raw. I was getting kinda sore at this point, but I wanted to find another guy to wrap up the day. I thought the third guy was gonna flake cause he said his roommates were still home but we were able to sneak one in the garage and he creampied me and pushed it back in. He wasn’t too big (around 7”) so it didn’t really make me sore. At around 7:30PM, my parents invited me over for dinner but I found another guy nearby. He was a Latino guy, also had around 7” but was MUCH thicker. He wasn’t on prep but was open to barebacking. He ended up breeding me in his apartment and left just before dinner was ready.

Anyway, I was really sore this morning and was wondering what toys you guys use to practice your stamina? Thanks!


  1. Any toys will work, but I feel like I need to warn you since you seem to not care if a guy is on prep or not that you are on the fast track for HIV, get on PREP dude if you aren’t! Even then, get tested regularly, as PREP doesn’t prevent other infections. Also, be careful, all it takes is meeting one bad guy and you’ll have a very bad time! Reduce your risk and make sure someone knows where you are going.

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