1. Shove that big cock down your throat. Show him you’re not afraid to get into it. If he cums, thank him lord

  2. if you can’t deep throat him, use your hands. not everything needs to focus on his penis. Touch his body, grip his arms, and maybe, just maybe, give him a small kiss? that sends a fucking message, I’ll tell you what.

  3. Suck that cock like it’s the last cock you’ll ever suck. Beg him for his load and if he gives it to you thank him for it. Let him blow his load anywhere he wants too. If you have the opportunity to eat his ass too.

  4. The worst part of a bad blowjob is teeth. Open your mouth. If you can go deep, you’re doing great, but teethy deepthroating is worse than not deepthroating

  5. A thing that used to help me deepthroat was holding my thumb with my fingers. Idk why, but somehow it helped me not gag! Nowadays, it doesn’t work. Go figure, life is weird. Have fun!

  6. learn his name. find out how he likes his coffee. make him pancakes. ask him about his hobbies.

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