Going back to where I came out: Calgary, Alberta!

When I first came out as a gay man I was living in Calgary, Alberta – so it brought back a lot of memories to go visit that city again with my boyfriend! Check out what we did on our day there and follow me on Instagram at or get handwritten postcards from me mailed to you by signing up at 📮

Featured in this video:
Hyatt Regency Calgary:
Glenbow Museum: Glenbow Museum
Fiasco Gelato:
Heritage Park:

Thanks to Tourism Calgary for helping to coordinate our trip – #CaptureCalgary

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  1. I have relatives on my Dad’s side living in Pickering, Ontario, which I believe is near Toronto, but they have not been back to Ireland in years, although my late Grandmother did visit them – when I was on Facebook (which I have since deleted) I think that some of my cousins over there were freaked out that I was both gay and living in the UK and they hardly ever responded to my private messages or public posts, especially after my Mum’s death in 2009 and I believe that someone managed to get word to my Aunt and uncle over in Canada about my Dad’s death last summer in Ireland after I had come over to Ireland from the UK – that said, I do think that Canada is a wonderful country and we do have some Canadians visiting Manchester here in the UK

  2. Dylan says “dear guncle I love you so much, can you please send more videos for me when you go all over the world and don’t forget a snowglobe for me and I really liked your video” mom thinks it was so nice to see the town you’re from and it looks lovely there.

  3. The museum looks interesting, particularly the warriors exhibit. I want some of that gelato! My kids would love the train at Heritage Park! That tower is like the space needle in seattle! that korean burger looks yummy!

  4. Really nice to hear about your personal connection to the city, alongside the things to do. The Korean food looks incredible! Heritage Park looks awesome too. Thanks for showing us around!

  5. That's funny I don't see Heath as the club type but cool you both have history in the same place. Thank you for sharing your adventures I always feel almost there.

  6. What a beautiful place ….Once more you just go to amazing places … Your channel is just so cool ….keep up the great work …so happy I subscribe

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