Getting inside the booty

So, I’m a vers guy, therefore I enjoy topping but I often run into a problem, I have a problem getting inside the booty. The anus is often so tight but its so enjoyable once you get inside. I’m rather new to the lifestyle and I’ve only had one dude to be able to take my dick. I’m packing an average size but I think the problem lies with me trying to slide into a dudes butt. I’m curious if anyone has had the same problem or have any tricks or advice with sliding inside the booty. I use plenty of lube, finger and eat ass and I’ve have patient but it feels like it takes longer than average. I know the sphincter muscle is what causes the resistance so any help on relaxing that muscle and sliding in more easily would be appreciated.


  1. It differs from one bottom to the other, some remain tight too long and some are loose from the start, so instead of focusing on fucking, go slowly while focusing on other things like kissing and so, and if he’s still tight let it go for sometime do more foreplay and come back to it.

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