1. As a femme lesbian
    I’m really sick of going to my local gay bars with my friends and finally get up the confidence to talk to a girl. Then you look around and realise you’re surrounded by straight girls.
    Honestly it’s so frustrating, gay bars and just for gay men. Lesbians and bisexuals hang out at the club too 😭😂

  2. It's not the straight girls who come to gay bars who bother me; It's the hen parties and the drunken sows who think they are entitled to attention and come in with a princess mentality. Bachelorette parties with their woo girls screeching in people's ears and pushing their way to get to the center of a stage (pissing off the drag queens or go-go boys or the men already there) are horrible. At piano bars and cabarets in New York, they come in and try to take over the show. There is such a thing as a safe male space, and supportive women are always welcome, but don't come in and treat us like a puppy in your purse or think we want to see your tits or will compliment you on your outfit and hair.

    In this day and age, men are being marginalized and losing certain freedoms, and while a good straight girl friend is a great thing to have, those women like us for who we are as individuals, not how we will make them feel cool and trendy. I've been physically assaulted several times by a drunk female who wanted to push her way past me at a piano bar, and I've pushed back in ways that are not violent. I've had them try to grab my hand from my ears because their hideous vocal fry was painful. They know that they are being a nuisance, but because females are pretty much allowed to get away with anything when they display bad behavior, they try to test it to the max. My women friends have complained to me too about these harpies. There are ladies, and there are females, just as there are gentlemen and dudes.

  3. I've had woman push on me at gay clubs especially when they found out I am a virgin to them. Some girls cock block weather they know it or not. I dont mind woman in gay bar or clubs it's for everyone, however I don't look foward to pussy when I go lol

  4. I found this cuz I wondered if it was acceptable, cuz I've just become single after a long relationship and the thought of going to a strait bar or some party to meet people scares me cuz I don't wanna meet the guys who are being jerks and playing games and get drugged and raped. So I wondered about going to a gay club buuuut… yea maybe I should just not go to clubs ever… they'd probably hate me there.

  5. I feel like there's such a great divide between people. You say gays and straights but you might as well just say cats and dogs. Do we really think that discrimination is going to stop if we keep putting walls up between us? And both sides are doing it. United we stand?

  6. Honestly, I think it's so gross that Sam said like "Yeah, but us straight girls LOVE the gays, like we just want to be friends with you!!" Like seriously, shut the fuck up. We are not some novelty thing and we will not all talk to you about stereotypical gay things. It's just so disgusting that she puts all of these gay guys in this box. Its like when guys hit on me and assume I'll like make out with a lady in front of them. We are not all the same

  7. Pfftt… how did they miss the obvious "well, I'm in a bandage dress with my sky high heels so OBVIOUSLY I'm the hottest thing in here… let's just push to the front of the bar/line because CLEARLY it is my right" straight girl? Or the one that thinks everyone is trying to hit on her?

    No problem w/ people of all denominations coming to the bar, but check your attitude and your prejudice at the door.

  8. I see both sides. Its totally fine for straight people to come to gay bars and we shouldnt be hostile toward them if they arent hurting anyone. However, going into a gay bar can be like going to a vegetarian buffet but finding only meat. If you are a lesbian but the gay clubs are dominated by straight girls, then I can see why you would get pretty annoyed. Like the gay bar is one of the only spaces that is specifically for LGBT people where they should be able to feel safe and meet people like them, so if that space is suddenly filled with people who arent LGBT, that is a problem, no matter how good the intentions of the straight people are

  9. I'm a gay male and the place only I've been where that I felt unwanted was in a lesbian club. I was actual ask in very mean tone – what doing here? I was a friend who was a lesbian. It was in Chicago.

  10. Lol. If this were the other way around, the LGBT community would be throwing such a huge hissy fit, no one would ever hear the end of it. I have some really good friends that are gay, and though in my religion it's wrong to engage in homosexual acts, that's not my place to judge, so I'm not trying to gay bash or anything here. But it's a little bit difficult not to get annoyed at the LGBT group, especially because many times they are so contradictory and have major double standards. Example: this video.

  11. Personally, I think it's annoying when any straight person goes into a gay bar. I'm straight, but I imagine this to be the case. It's called a gay bar for a reason. It's for gay people to go, meet and drink and maybe hook up. It's supposed to be straight person free so they can be comfortable around each other and not be judged…generally. Even if asked, I would not go to a gar bar, to respect that this place is not for me. (update: holy crap what did I go through to say this?! I don't want any more segregation between gays and straights! I guess what I'm really trying to say it…there are places to go…and there are places people really shouldn't go. But that's just an opinion, nothing more. It will change over time.)

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