George Takei on Shatner, Coming Out & Nimoy's Death

Mr Sulu on Star Trek, Japanese-American internment camps, and being a gay advocate. Marc Fennell’s favourite interview, like, ever.



  1. I keep losing respect for this man. He is so obvious with his C-list celebrity attention baiting. We all realize Shatner probably had a big star ego, but bitching about this decades later is very pathetic.

  2. 4:05 just shows how typical Arnold Schwarzenegger behaved as a Republican Gouverneur. He only vetoed it, because he wanted to appeal to his conservative right-wing supporters who hate gay marriage. To veto an act of civil liberty is typical for conservatives who don't support individual freedoms. They only support freedoms as long as it serves their reactionary masters: the capitalists of the world!

  3. Like many others I had thought of Shatner as a cool guy, but over the years hearing about him and watching him and the various interviews he's either been in or conducted, I can safely conclude he is a complete douchebag.

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