Gays React To Anti-Gay Adverts & Videos (ft. Calum McSwiggan) | Roly Reacts

Gays Reacting To Anti Gay Adverts & Videos: The gays are back reacting to some of the worst homophobic Commercials and videos! what’s the funniest Anti-Gay/Homophobic Commercial you have seen? What should we react to next? comment below!
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  1. Legit i dont want a kid but if i ever wanted a kid i would adopt even tho im straight coz tbh there is kids with no familys so why bring another kid in the world if u could just adopt one. Just my opinion btw im not aiming at any of you karens.

  2. Do people not realize that adoption exists, donors exist, and science is coming and people are trying find ways to get a woman and a woman pregnant. We also have over population right now, so…we are helping orphans, and the population. Not everyone is gay, not everyone is straight. Why does it matter? Babies will be made either way.

  3. I was also thinking what has that preacher been looking up. It's like looking up two girls and one cup (Don't do it) and thinking the nice lesbian couple down the street does that type of stuff, it's just weird to think like that.

  4. I think if you were straight I wouldn’t watch you. This may seem weird to say but I’m so proud of you for finding your self. Becuase of you didn’t I know you wouldn’t be this amazing. I’m a new subscriber but you’re already my favorite. I might have worded this wrong and I’m sorry for that, I’m not good with English lol

  5. 'let's not redefine the meaning of marriage' they do realise that marriage means the bonding of souls no matter of gender. Also, who said I wanted a mum and a dad?? My parents never really loved me and I would have loved to have 2 mums or 2 dad's who loved me for who I am (a trixic non binary person) instead of shutting me out and rejecting me. My 2 straight parents are low key kinda rubbish and I don't believe they ever loved each other so this argument is horrible and useless! Btw, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! YOU ARE SUCH A QUEEN!!!

  6. I'm on your side but It still boggles my mind how most gay people have that same way of talking no matter where they are from. Is it natural or just picked up I have no idea.

  7. My dad left when i was a baby, and tried to meet me few times later wheb i was a teen. I didnt want to see him, he was a stranger to me. My mom has always emotionally abused me and she is an alcoholic. I got sent to foster care at 16 and was there since i was 18. Two years and my mom didnt call me even once. I didnt see her in 2 years. I hate my parents, my life is so awful nowdays, i have no support from anyone, im unemployed and even tho i've lived in this town for maany years, i dont have any friends. I legit dont know anyone from here.

    I would've prefered a gay couple to actually take care of me, instead of the fucking twat 'parents' i got.

  8. No one has to get married to make a baby so all of the "only marriage between a man and woman is valid because they can make babies" don't make sense. Having children has nothing to do with marriage, as both can be done without the other.

  9. 50’s,60’s & 70’s people hitchhiked a lot. Then people like Ted Bundy, BTK, aGacy and other serial killers started picking them up and killing them

  10. One of the videos: 2 people of the same sex can’t make a child together
    Me: they can adopt though! Not only is it a solution to not being able to create a kid with your partner, it also gives an orphan a family of their own. 😀

  11. Look how many people loose their children it has nothing to do with sexual orientation how many gay couples would love a child and raise one perfectly how many children are homeless no mom or dad no food or shelter or hope and would love to be with people that love them no matter of their sexuality just need love and a family

  12. excuse me wheezes it said "No two men and no two women could do this." What!? wheeze omg, well I guess trans people don't function right? You hear that everyone no use in turning trans. Omg people are so funny. I couldn't see a woman hating on gay people , but I guess there's Sarah popping up in your memes.

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