Gay USA 11/28/18

∎ Taiwan voters say no to same-sex marriage, but the fight isn’t over.

∎ Bermuda is ordered by yet another court to restore marriage equality.

∎ A transgender migrant fleeing persecution in Honduras dies of neglect and a beating in ICE custody.

∎ Trump administration pushes Supreme Court to affirm its ban on transgender troops.

∎ The Thanksgiving parade gets its first lesbian kiss… and we’ll recall a much earlier liberation of the event.

∎ December 1 is World AIDS Day.


  1. Thank you to Ray Hill. And the 'lesbians with their pants on backward' gave me a huge laugh, interrupted instantly by sober tears as you reminded us it's weighty importance. Thank you, GAY USA for remembering heroic people whom I never knew & never would without you. TgT

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