Gay Travel: Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC is an LGBT friendly travel destination – join local YouTuber and TV host Josh Rimer as he takes you on quick tour of some unique attractions in his city. See more of his travel vlogs (including many with his boyfriend) at

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  1. Good coverage! Vancouver really is gay-friendly. Lots of winter sports like skiing, and boarding, and summer activities like hiking, paddle boarding, and sailing. People kayak year round too.

  2. A 5 star hotel doesn't sound like the type of hotels I prefer.
    I hope there is also something else than Sushi to eat, otherwise I would starve.
    I plan to visit Vancouver together with Seattle and it seems I have to come in the summer.

  3. Now I really feel bad for my comment on the prior video. I should have kept my mouth shut =S. at any rate, this was awesome! I've always wanted to visit Vancouver, and am thinking of going to UBC for grad school. Also, Josh makes a wonderful host/guide. ^^

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