Gay Travel New Orleans #FollowYourNOLA

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  1. I can't believe you guys were hours away from me and I couldn't make it down to New Orleans for the meet up! Especially after watching al your videos for years now. Sad face.

  2. I'm from Louisiana and I go to new Orleans quite a bit and I love seeing ppm from other places experience the beatiful place I call home also I laugh when I hear ppl pronounce New Orleans New Orleens where I'm from ppl pronounce it New Orlins

  3. The boat ride, the mini train, the architecture it's all so beautiful! I stayed in Port Orleans Riverside in Disney and it does have a similar look 😀 x

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been to New Orleans several times. But never to that hotel. Checked out their web site, and that, along with you video, makes me want to go there next time!

  5. Please come to Austin this fall!!! It's such a great place, our motto is keep Austin weird because it's a place where everybody can be themselves. I don recommend the summer though because it get over 100 degrees and super humid!

  6. Let me just say that New Orleans is my absolute favorite place in the world… Born and raised in the south, and although there's plenty moving forward and progress to come down here (currently in Memphis, a lovely city with too bad of a rep) this travel vlog really captured how beautiful, diverse, and most of all accepting NOLA is. It's a treasure of the Deep South, nothing likes the sights and sounds and foooood. Best of all, I have family there so I visit at least once a year for vacation and in 12+ trips I still haven't done nearly all the things I'd like to in the city (and it ain't even that big!). The locals are surprisingly kind and welcoming to tourists as if we're all family, and that spirit is what has lifted NOLA up after the devastating wreckage of hurricane Katrina. I hope you boys had fun and visit again! Marie Laveau's tomb and the mysticism/voodoo history is absolutely intriguing.

  7. Luke, What are your impressions of America(ns) since you've been in the U.S.? What do you really think about the country and its inhabitants? What have been pleasant surprises? What things do you miss most about the U.K.? I'd love to see a video where you talk about your first impressions of America(ns) and/or how your impressions are changing (and/or staying the same) as the months go by.

    BTW, you guys should definitely hit up a city like Annapolis, MD, Williamsburg, VA, or Boston, MA, to get a historical perspective of the country, to see what "America" was like during colonial times!

  8. I really hope I get the chance to meet you two some day you're wonderful people and you mean so much I always look forward to seeing a new video from you guys to watch please stay wonderful and remember you're great

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