GAY TRAVEL | Nature Kisses in Burlington, Vermont

Gay boyfriends head to Burlington, Vermont to kiss in the mountains, lakes, and forests. We hiked and biked and went to a drive-in theater! SUBSCRIBE:


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Two Beeps is a gay couple living in Brooklyn, sharing their life with the Internet.


  1. I like jhon eyes smile… it is super adorable, cute af, and contagious >,< … new subscriber here btw… I laugh a lot watching two beeps video… thanks…. it is lucky to fall in love with bestfriend ya? kkk~ I hope you guys can keep that flame of love burning till the end of time~~ wish you all the best…

  2. You are truly a couple. You have really become more confident with public affection too. You guys were funny and like to experience so many things which is interesting to see. I did not understand paying to park in the park. The video kept moving and it holds a person's interests. I have not seen a drive in theater in years! That was great to see. Nice trip and nice video.

  3. Vermont is such a beautiful state.  I lived there for awhile many, many years ago.  I can totally see the Beeps living in Burlington, Vermont–they look so comfortable there!

  4. That was very nice. I also watch YouTubers "HIM &HIM". You have to check out the others I watch from Canada. "Terranovaboys" & "HueyDavis" & "Chris Conrad" & "Michael Rizzi" & "TheMonasteroTwins".

  5. loved this vlog, also noted the beach kiss at 14:00 and two dudes to your right didn't even look back (react) – just as it should be … love you two boys… but burgers and double cones – how come you aren't carrying  a few extra pounds, (cos I know you 'love' the gym (not) lol x (uk)

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