Gay Travel Guide: Lisbon, Portugal

Area: 33 sq mi
Population: 547,631
Things to do Gay: Bars, Clubs, Beach, Gay associations
Things to do: Rua Augusta, Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, etc..

Need Cash: No

Walk: XXXX
Bike: XXX
Public Transit: XX
Car: X


  1. Thanks for making this vlog, I thought it was very informative to me. I brought a guide book called Lisbon Wait For Me from the 'Lisbon Shop' on Praca Do Comercio. In my guide book gay friendly night clubs are Trometa Bath, Setimo Ceu, Purex, Bar 106, Finalmente, Tr3s.

  2. Hey, I came to see your video eheh

    Even though gays are very well accepted here and gay marriage is legal, many gays will still hide it and live double lives. I don't know why this happens since everyone is really understanding and accepting of gays out here. I guess it has to do with the last remains of the "macho latino" culture which was really prominent here until the early 00's.

    The drug thing is not exclusive here…I am surprised that you haven't come across that situation in other cities. Every big city in Europe that I have travelled to had someone trying to sell me drugs on the street.

    I think you need to come back and try some other dishes because our cuisine is so diverse that you can't possibly decide just based on 2 dishes πŸ˜› And maybe come in the summer since in September most tourists already left our country!Β 

    PS: If you come back one day, I will definitely teach you some Portuguese…

  3. Greetings "tosheatower"! I'm a new fan and follower after I somehow stumbled across your videos yesterday. So far I'd just like to say, I love and appreciate your unapologetic honesty and objective criticism. As a gay man and world traveler myself, I value your honest and objective feedback about the places you visit. Of places I've visited myself I agree with almost everything you say and your way of thinking. Disregard the haters and fools that attempt to be "politically correct" yet know little about the world nor have traveled much themselves if at all. As I often tell people, "political correctness" is often not! The truth is the truth regardless of who says it! Many people (especially North Americans from the United States) think that everything these days needs to be sugar coated and can't be criticized, unless the one doing the critic is in fact from that country, ethnicity, culture etc… If not it make the critic a "hater" and a "racist"! Yet the reality is that the "PC" people attempting to justify are just ignorant themselves, with little to go by but their politically correct impressions of the world and things which as I said before, is more often not correct! As far as the locals not tolerating any form of criticism, well in my experience and travels I've found that objective criticism seems to exist solely among Northern European countries and other highly developed nations. The rest can't seems to accept an honest objective critic, fault or flaw no mater how educated they might be. They tend to be easily flattered and very proud but easily insulted by any observation that is less than flattering. Disregard them all is my advice! Keep being yourself and keep up the great work! Thank you for all your videos tosheatower! I value your opinions. πŸ˜‰ Β 

  4. F the rude comments. One of my best friends is from Portugal and he's gorgeous but agree most are not, my friends one of the lucky few hahaha very few.

  5. Been there and I don't have anything to complain about, but then again I visited a friend and he was very sweet and showd me around. I took the subway and bus and went to some restraint inside some mall I think it was a mall… and we went to a coffee shop. I saw at a distance that giant statue and that bridge that looks the same as that red bridge in the states … I don't know the names of anything I saw anymore but ya I enjoyd my brief stay, was there only few/several hours

  6. However, as a person who has been around the world and has tried about every famous dish, I was kind of surprised to find you weren't so fond of the Portuguese culinary. But my opinion aside, most tourists around here seem to rave about how delicious and fresh our food is. But I obviously respect your opinion. Thank you for this video. πŸ™‚

  7. I'm Portuguese and I love your honesty. I was the one who asked you about your opinion on the Portuguese men (and I remember I even told you not to hold back) – so, hey, I kind of knew it was coming.

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