Gay Travel Guide: Dubai (Abu Dhabi), UAE (Mini Review)

Area: 1,588 (375) sq mi
Population: 2,106,000 (920,000) (approx)
Things to do Gay: Cruise, Online
Things to do: Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain

Need Cash: No


Walk: X
Bike: XX
Public Transit: XXX

Abu Dhabi:

Walk: X
Bike: XXX
Public Transit: XX


  1. You say the inside of the mosque was "gaudy"? Please elaborate. I've only ever seen interior pics of mosques and I am always struck by their good taste and complete lack of gaudiness, especially compared to Catholic and orthodox churches dripping with (fake) gold and "graven" images, statuary, etc.

  2. When i visited there to see some family… I made sure I did not do ANY cruising… Not even interested to find out what the gay scene is in these homophobic countries. I did get "looked" at by a few guys but completely ignored… Saved all that for the carribean gay cruise that was to follow that trip. LOL

  3. Anyone going to institutionally homophobic countries looking for sex need their heads read. It's just too hazardous. If Arabic men are your thing, there are plenty in London, Paris etc etc, where the law protects you, instead of persecutes you. And what if you are caught, and the worst that happens is that you get booted out, what about the guy you were with? He may be made to suffer, unlike you.

  4. I don't get it. When you have an opportunity to get away for some R&R time, why would you go cruising for sex in another country? Chances are you'll get robbed, beat up or murdered. Why ruin a wonderful vacation? I say, if you're going to get robbed, beat up or murdered; stay home! It's cheaper.

  5. I don't think this is a reliable source. If you want to travel Dubai, make sure to do your research. Because as far as I know they can imprison you if you get caught in a gay sexual act.

  6. I'm gay and a bit femaine acting as well as sometimes I look at guys (don't flirt) but most men can tell that I'm gay….would I have a problem there? I try not to stare but I do and worried I might have issue

  7. The people in the west hate Muslims and criticize Islamic nations whenever they get a chance but they have no problem of going to predominantly Muslim nations. More and more young people are traveling to Muslim nations and you know why! They earn their college money by laying under them.

  8. dubai and other GCC countries want to flashing there money and show of , what about you man .. you want to flash sex and gambling !!!! you saying as if it is bad thing that people more conservative.. wow gay man judging people , remember that gay people was and still being judged all over the world , so why you as gay want to judge people on how they want to live .. you are just visitor , get the best of the culture and go back to your country .. no one in that country asked for your approval .

  9. Actually israel is full of gay clubs especially in Tel Aviv. Idk how u can say Amman or Beirut is more open. Israel is more open than even some European countries.

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