1. Don't agree fully with your analysis of Amsterdam in the less positive comments. However I recognise for us both it is in part subjective based on experience. But by the end of the video your words reveal a very fair man which I respect.

    I agree totally about the men in London vs. Netherlands. The local trains here in the east are full of wonderfully handsome and healthy looking men. Yes, Netherlands was the first country to sanction same sex marriage.

    I so feel your contempt for the gross trashy shops. And you are right regarding the USA vs. Europe homosexual life. There is no need to be in your face here. Especially Switzerland, Italy, Portugal.

    Your comments and ensuing feelings re: the Anne Frank house were profound. I hope you've retained and pondered those feelings and insights. Keep that perspective. You are a man with some conscience it seems. Not many of us left.

    Why a minority like homosexuals, probably the most disdained and unwanted group universally on the planet mistreats its own. A mystery to me.
    The prejudice, discrimination, intolerance and cruel words within the so called "community" that I have heard, observed and experienced is unconscionable.

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