GAY TRAVEL: GAY PRIDE MONTREAL 2017 | First ever Canada Pride – VLOG

What is Canada Pride? It’s the first ever national pride, which was hosted during the gay pride of Montreal in August 2017.

This is our vlog about our experience during the first ever Fierte Canada Pride and about the awesome gay scene of Montreal.

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  1. This is so good; a national pride. Looked so vibrant – great event. Good to see you talking to folks along the way and that it is over such a long period. Sounds like you had a blast and the drag queens – AWESOME. We have subbed to support and follow you along. We love travel and recently started our own channel to document our adventures, its so much fun like you say making videos to share with others.

  2. Great video, very entertaining – you guys are hilarious! Looks like a lot of fun, I've been to the Mardi Gras in Sydney a few times and really enjoyed the parade – looks like this is similar but on a much larger scale!

  3. I enjoyed the video. You guys have a great and entertaining way of presenting. I love the fact that many diverse families with the children joined the Pride perade. That is how it should be. We need more world leaders like Justin to lead from the front.

  4. As always u2r fantastic together 🙂 BRAVO on ur first LONG vlog video 🙂 and I hope to see many pictures when you get married 🙂 I think y'all could be magazine cover perfect cuz ur both mega handsome 🙂

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