Gay Travel Destinations

Josh Rimer is your LGBT travel host, taking you on quick and fun tours of the best LGBTQ friendly travel destinations. This series covers cities across the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States. See more of Josh’s travel videos at

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  2. Hi thank you for sharing those interested location we really appreciate it and you Such a good host. I am all the way from London and you make me Wanna come there😉 thank you. You make me feel very well come so definitely am going to plan the trip It would be nice to meet you in person for you to show me around your so brilliant in what you do😉Keep up the good job 👍👏

  3. Off the top of my head, here are some places you should definitely look into: Toronto, Montréal, Jasper, Quėbec city, Halifax (in Canada…I'm forgetting a bunch for sure). Globally: Mykonos, Rome, Florence, Nice, Paris, Barcelona, Bangkok, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Casablanca, Dubai, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires…I'll stop there lol.

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