Gay, trans and illegal in Lebanon – BBC Pop Up

Homosexual sex is still technically illegal in Lebanon due to an article that prohibits sex against the “laws of nature”. This article has been used in the past to prosecute LGBT people, but has a rare ruling in a recent case sparked a new future for the country’s LGBT community? Benjamin Zand finds out for BBC Pop Up.

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  1. I’m sorry you guys are PART OF THE PROBLEM – YOU ARE THE REASON WHY THE MIDDLE EAST WILL NOT PROGRESS. Why does Christianity always come up in these arguments? The fact of the matter is that the Muslim majority countries have a TERRIBLE track record of women’s rights, LGBT rights, minority rights and most Christian majority countries on the whole have better female/LGBT/minority rights. Let’s not excuse Islam here by saying the Christian part of Lebanon is against homosexuality too. Does Christianity play a role in anti-homosexual laws in Saudi? Yemen? Syria? Iraq? Iran? All of Central Asia? Indonesia and Malaysia? Mali? Bangladesh and Pakistan? Algeria? Egypt? Yes obviously Christianity is responsible for why all of these countries have terrible human rights lol… Honestly YOU ARE ALL PART OF THE PROBLEM. Stop defending Islam.

  2. I guess you could be discreet, like wearing fluorescent pink shoes instead of golden ones, but for some folk that just ain't going to kick it, especially for some trans. I do have to add how ironic it was that you chose a Catholic priest to interview, or that he chooses to inflict upon others whatever might be his moral bent, such as whatever it amounts to, on to another person's life choice with another consenting adult. But I'm sure that is why you may have chosen to interview him anyways. It is funny how often people apply how they may feel about their own situation judging themselves onto others. This commonly comes with a castigating holier-than-thou religiousity.

  3. He’s too gay to be a Muslim in Islam it’s prohibited to be gay I’m a Sunni Muslim but ik in shi’te Islam being gay is still prohibited to be gay

  4. I'm, tired of turning on the TV and see two women or men kissing…………that should be rated who wants to see that crap……………………THIS IS GOING TO BE THE FALL OF AMERICA…REALITY CHECK……………….

  5. From what I know and have seen in Lebanon, we can say that only Beirut, along with a very few other areas, is gay friendly in Lebanon… You can't say the whole country is… It depends on the area itself, and how open minded it is

  6. I’m not against Gay or Anything,
    But I don’t believe that there is some that was born this way , most just experimented and licked it

  7. To all ppl who wants to know why Islam was first spread in the Arab country is because of their morality is as low as animal. Physically, Arabian and Caucasian race are well built and the downside (i prefer calling it upside) is that they come with high sex drive.
    Whether it is straight or gay, the majority of the men will get hard most of the time. Let`s look how many women are executed from defending themselves after being raped for years or raped by 9 men after escaping such situation. Thing is, the fact that it is true will not be accepted by some, but I am sure you feel it somewhere. Each race, has it flaws, and god made it so.

  8. Homosexuality always existed however it’s still a deviant lifestyle. Until 1987 homosexuality was considered a disorder and until 2013 Transgender was called Gender Identity Disorder by the American Psychiatric Association and now is called gender dysphoria. Society let this plaque creep back as it did back during the time of Prophet Lut(Lot). I hate the sin, NOT the sinner. They need help and should turn away from Shaytaan(Devil) and Turn back to their respective tradition, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.

  9. I am a Muslim and we do not accept for humans to change who they are you have to accept who you are because that’s what god has chosen for you to be and we as Muslims believe that we have to respect the choice and commands of god

  10. Being gay is not wrong
    But having sex with the same gender is wrong
    Or acting like the other gender
    That’s what Islam says
    It says accept what god made you and don’t change any body part of you
    Just be what god made you

  11. The first gay people in the world Arab and muslim because women and men separated in school and everywhere I'm American i live in Bahrain Dubai and Bahrain there is lots of gay people there I see my own I i feel sorry for gay people around in the world

  12. No, as a Lebanese I am not against those who belong to the LGBTQ community. But I do have the right to have a preference, and in this case, one that condemns their lifestyle, which does not at all indicate that I have a prejudice against those of that orientation/lifestyle.

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