Gay Spanish Men VS Gay American Men

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  1. italy has to be the most closeted countries on the planet (hence there Catholic influence) with zero nightlife . if you want to have a sexy vacation go to Spain, France or Germany and skip italy altogether …

  2. Good you went before the Corona virus. You should go to cape town. It's gorgeous though dangerous at night. LOL you should have gone to Sitges near Barcelona. Also Canary Islands / Maspolamas.

  3. Nice to see you back my friend I’ve missed you I hope you’ve had a fantastic time away I can wait to hear all about it see you very soon enjoy your weekend x

  4. If you find an American guy intact you’ve found gold. Uncut men have more sensitivity because the head of their penis isn’t calloused from constant rubbing on clothing. I love European (and Mexican) men for that. They don’t have jackhammer sex like American guys who have to world extra hard to reach climax and use tons of lube and spit. The foreskin gliding up and down the shaft and over the head with precum is so fucking hot.

  5. Spanish people are another different vibe, and spanish as language is very beautiful, much more than english.
    And by the way, american people, and english people doesn’t know how to dance with the perfect beat, cause I have seen a lot of them and are so simple 🤣 spanish people are latinos so have the beat in their veins.


    💃🏻 OLÉ

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