Gay Rights in Canada 101

Welcome to EPISODE 02 of my 101-series, where I take a look into a bit of history into an LGBTQ related event or issue.
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  1. we bring people in, what do they thank us no we have had terrorist all year we are nice but people are starting the kill us i only wish for Canada to take half of america before peace because he just had to give north america a bad name its always america.

  2. Now that the UK has banned conversion therapy, I expect Canada to follow. Sadly, here in the US, it looks like similar bans in several states could be struck down by the Supreme Court. Already Evangelical groups are demanding it!

  3. OK im a canadian living outside Canada and where I live, ppl are always saying oh I would never send my child to study in Canada because of all the LGBT stuff and the abortion rights and all that stuff and in the same breath they say Im sending my child to Europe or to the UK they are not as permissible as the Canadians. OK lets back up here. Yes I plan on returning permanently to Canada next year actually exactly twelve months from now and ok LGBT stuff exists in Canada but im sure its way more prevalent in and larger than life in Europe. I really hate it when ppl bash Canada for any reason its unfounded and unsubstantiated and whatever. Im not gay actually I love men lol. And if ppl are afraid to send their kids to study in Canada because of all the stuff that is against their beliefs I say they need to trust that their kids will exercise the values and morals they were raised with as they step out on their own and yes im a single parent of a 15 year old and I have tried to raise him with good principles and standards but in the end its all up to them. The LGBT thing does not bother me in the least and quite honestly its no ones business what they do behind closed doors and with whom and I say just leave them alone. Whatever we all do in life or whatever decisions or life choices we make should only be judged by god and thats it.

  4. Thank you for this video, as a gay Canadian myself it's great to hear Canada spotlighted for it's gay historic struggle. I will say, as a Winnipegger, that Steinbach has a gay pride festival now and Winnipeggers flock to Steinbach when it happens to show their support so Steinbach is moving in the right direction. It is also a predominantly Mennonite town and I have met many from there who are allies of the community.

  5. Canada is to so invested in political correctness that they can’t be honest to anyone. That’s why they all seem “nice” but what I like to call…dishonest. I agree gay people should have rights lol but it’s over and done with now.

  6. "This sin [homosexuality] not only displeases Me as I have said, but the devils whom these wretches have made their masters. Not that the evil displeases them because they like anything good, but because their nature was originally angelic, and their angelic nature causes them to loathe the sight of the actual commission of this enormous sin."- Jesus Christ the LORD to Saint Catherine of Siena… Think about that for a moment: The incorporeal evil essences that rule over Hell are revolted by this sin. In the same dialogue, Christ states that, as of the 14th century, He had already destroyed five cities SOLELY for homosexual sins. If this offends you, you'll have to take it up with God, because they are His words. I would add that if anyone told you that Jesus said nothing in the Bible about homosexuality, that is a lie: He spoke approvingly of God's condemnation of Sodom.

  7. my friend iam sudanese live in saudi arabia for work i can not tell anyone in my country about my homosexuality and being gay .. iam living in hell now in too much abuse and beating i can not live like this anymore and my dady want me to get marriage by force otherwise maybe he will burn me alive 😑😑😑😑 i dont want get marriage from lady i want my dream guy becouse iam gay and iam aproud of that .. last week my elder brother told me that if i see you agin put makup on your face i will tell police to take you as criminal becouse being gay is a crime in my country and Punishment may reach prison. Can be exposed to be kill at any moment on street plz plz plz plz help me where i have to go i dont want to live here in this sick socitey any more iam waitng for your replay and help

  8. I live In Canada and have experienced homophobia in Toronto Vancouver Edmonton and Calgary oh and of course Yellowknife (by this I mean yelling out of cars driving past me) other discrimination as well in many forms sadly it’s 2017 and still happens

  9. This was a great video that educated people outside of Canada about important issues, however it got something wrong. The reason that men who have sex with men (MSM) are not allowed to donate blood is not sexual discrimination at all. MSM's are much more likely to carry and pass on Hepatitis or AIDS. These viruses are unnoticeable in their earliest stages, so a one year screening period is enforced to ensure that the viruses are noticeable when the blood is tested. Once again, this is not sexual discrimination, there are in fact medical reasons for this screening. You can read more about this here:

  10. I actually agree with the current restrictions on my fellow gay men donating blood. My grandmother died from a tainted blood transfusion in the 80's — public safety cannot be taken lightly.

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