Gay Leap Forward: LGBT in China

The second episode of the program series “LGBT in China” highlights the issue faced by the community. Today, about 50 million LGBT persons are living in China. With China’s development and modernization, the LGBT community is slowly stepping out of the closet. Their voices are being heard, and government policies are changing. This video shot in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Suzhou captures three generations and multiple facets of LGBT reality in China today. 

Rediscovering China is a weekly show on CGTN that offers a unique insight into an aspect of life in China today. With its unrivaled access to the country’s people and places, Rediscovering China brings you in-depth reports on the major issues facing China at a time of rapid change.

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  1. Sometime it's not family ,rather relatives and society create more issue to accepted homosexual partners! And there would be extreme measure for people with conservative religion!

  2. Excuse me? I can tell this kind of content is just created for propaganda, only for the global audience except for people in the mainland. This kind of content is under very strict censorship and banned in mainland China. Looking through the comments, maybe I should say: good try.

  3. what if Xi Jingping comes out of the closet and declares he is gay. Imagine the unity from NZ and China gay and transgender communities. This would be wonderful if he chooses that. I know just the talk of it could have criminal implications in the communist party but wow rainbows everywhere 🌈 🏳️‍🌈

  4. CGTN only makes show to the world and this documentaries will never appear in the main chanel or mainstream. Life is generally struggle for LGBTQ, cuz culturally, people do not accept it, and they would never fit in the society where to be fitting in is a crucial part for everyone. Unless the enactments, lows or anything like that say it is ok and we gonna protect you, otherwise, there is no hope at all.

  5. Oh all places, the Chinese should be accepting of their sons turning gay, especially if you aborted a daughter. There’s millions of men that don’t have a chance of finding a Chinese women… and now they are nagging them find women. Plus, if Chinese parents are more concerned about being taken care than having grandkids, which some are because apparently there’s still a preference for boys, then isn’t it better that they had a gay son, rather than a have had a daughter? That way, you know you will be taken care it in old age. Plus gay couples, at least in the US, have education and higher household incomes then straight couples. Plus wife’s and mother-in-laws often have issues that doesn’t happen with gay husbands and mother-in-laws. Things are usually a lot chiller. Plus, if they really want kids they can adopt or get surrogate, thought I don’t know what the laws in China are for that.. probably not good for gays. If they can’t adopt or get a surrogate, then at least you won’t have to be that grandma that has to baby sit all the time since two income houses are the norm to survive. Anyways you’re looking to be comfortable in retirement, then having a gay isn’t so bad really.

  6. I love how that women said she had her own job, she’s independent and she feels like she can do whatever she wants! Yaasss Queen!! You own E͙V͙E͙R͙Y͙T͙H͙I͙N͙G͙™®

  7. Here in America, when I ask where homophobia comes from, people most often give me the reason is religion.

    What is the main reason for homophobia, heterosexism, or accompanying bigotry in East Asia where Abrahamic religion and culture are less common?

  8. I can almost relate to the black girl in China, if my man would stop being scared of his mom. haha it's ok I understand. it's easier to be open in s different country. so I don't have his struggle

  9. As I'm a 24 years old Chinese guy! I can really feeling and understand been a gay in my village is a most horrible thing in the world!!! People criticize you, discriminate against you, push you away and laughing at you! Then your family will not understand you, will keep forcing you to get marry,, shouting to you, you will feeling hopeless, you will be unhappy more and more as time goes by. Even suicide is the best thing to you! I'm wishing I can see that gay can living as a normal people in China one day during I'm alive!!!

  10. in order to tackle this issue you need to understand both Chinese family culture and government. its not that the Chinese straight up hate and discriminate homosexuality, honestly its always been apart of china history and they don't care, just as long as its not within their own family. and the reason for this is because>(grandbabies Granbabies GRANDBABIES! you see when a young couple get married in china its not for their own reasons for falling in love. rather its filial duty for both sets of familys. now the government reason is because they have basically no gov social programs for the elderly there like we do medicare senior living. so basically if you are an old person in china with no kids or grandkids to take care of you, you are screwed. sure this may sound crazy and selfish to westerners but hey, culture…..and shitty gov. so basically having kids there is like insurance or retirement plan 🙂

  11. Leviticus20:13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed
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    1Corinthians 6:19-20
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    Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise
    indulged in sexual immorality
    and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a
    punishment of eternal fire.

    1Timothy 1:10
    The sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality,
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  12. Kinda touching to see such true feelings between LGBT couple here, something even hard for straight couple to find…..but I think cos of family, society n government restrictions make them appreciate each other more than straight couple

  13. What are we supposed to take from this? China's Communist party wants to show to the world that it's accepting of gays using it's propaganda mouth piece but in reality they banned a popular gay web series "Addicted(Heroin)" in 2016 just because it depicted homosexual couple as normal human beings just like straight couple and the series was becoming popular?

  14. i am not out to my family yet..but i got myself married already in brasil with my brasilian lover.I am very happy now,but still thinking about if i will confess to my parents…they live in a small town and i am afraid that they may suffer from this harsh news….but i am really thinking about this seriously…..

  15. I think the LGBT community in China is way bigger than what it seems. Unfortunately, too many people are still too afraid to show who they truly are but now is the time to finally come out of the closet!

  16. Having lived in China for nearly six years, I have seen a change in attitudes towards homosexuality. The younger generations are accepting of it. The older generations oppose it. As with all social and cultural change, it takes times for attitudes to change. I suspect that as the older generations die off, the generations that replace them will be more accepting of homosexuality in their society. My high school students are mostly accepting, especially with some of their gay classmates who are "secretly open" with them. Applying a western attitude to try to understand the complexities of Asian/Chinese sexuality just does not work. Family is very important. History and past memories are not. Foundation of the society is about money and "face". Conservative views are held highly here. The government is the strong arm, but allows great latitudes in people's daily lives (as long as it does not interfere with party or government). Social status is even more important in China than western nations. All of these, and many more considerations need to be addressed in time. Therefore, I suspect that in 20 years, China will be more willing to consider gay marriages and gay lifestyles. Activists who try to push the timetable forward to benefit their personal lives and agendas threaten the natural change that occurs. The one benefit that China has that can spur the change faster is that China does not have an overly religious society. In western countries, religion was and is the defining factor that blocks further advancement of gay issues. By 2050, China will be a much different nation, as will it's culture and society.

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