Gay Italian Guy Coming Out: Per Favore!!!

Is really Hard coming Out of the Closet, but sometimes it’s harder, watch this one and tell me if you guys like it….
italy, i totally love Italian guys!


  1. mi amigo alessandro sparacciari es italiano y apoya este video aqui les dejo su numero 087697801
    es un chico con emociones porfavor no decir cosas sobre vaginas cuando lo llamen. Nota solo acepta efectivo!!! esta disponible

  2. I searched this keyword because a guy from Genova I worked with used to hit on me.The clip's funny,but are these real Italians? I could be wrong but they don't quite seem like it.

  3. lol . . very funny .. they talk about things apart from love . that's all that matters .. what you do it just extra :d … s.xx is great but there is more to it in this life .. stay loving, grow your love and nothing is wrong and sinful :d

  4. @smechereu eh vabbè ne vai fiero ma nn rompere le palle a dirlo a tutti io sono etero nn lo dico a tutti…
    Chi hai fattu? Nenti, il male lo fai a te stesso… Cmq lassamu iri va fai come cazzo ti pare

  5. @SiculianuPazzu ovviamente ne vado fiero ! E pikî m' avissi a affruntari ? Ki aju fattu ? Jû sugnu acussì … a kui ci piaçiu bonu , annunca ventu davanti e acua d'arreri !!!

  6. @vaxiawval If you like to understand how italianS are you should consider first that's the most diverse Country in Europe. You've got several different cultures. This movie try to propose a very stereotyped old style southern italian mentality/manners just because that's how americans see Italians: 99% of italians in America come from the South, definitely not from the snobbish Milan or the reserved people of North West, or pragmatic Alpin towns. Diversity is the beauty and problem of Italy.

  7. i love this moive
    maria:how come u know so much about this village?
    gino:i know alot more than u think
    maria:yes but a homosessuale village?
    gino:what you gonna call me a homosexual now?
    LMFAO,my fave part

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