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  1. lmao this was just a joke, yeah it was too far and that was some gay ass shit he did (im a rockets fan to the bone) but he probably gets more bitches than anyone calling him gay and actually meaning it (trust me lmao look on his ig, he has females commenting hearts on his selfies lmao)

  2. Mofuckers be spending to much time together months at a time mofuckers be horny. Mofuckers gotta do what they gotta do to much ass in yo face make a nigga horny fuck it!

  3. now i get why shaq o neal  disses this boy —he probably knows hes a female with a "god-like' body …because i'm guessing there are no secrets about whos gay in those professional sports locker rooms …

    that may have had something to do with why kobe dissed him a few weeks ago during a game also —they know that boys suspect …

    that boys gay …men who like women EXCLUSIVELY do not play like that 

  4. This ain't about DWIGHT. It's about Isiah Canaan being a little bitch LOL. Ariza slapped his head then Dwight grabs his balls, he is a bitch. This has nothing to do with Dwight being gay he would never do that with Ariza, Harden or Josh Smith. Canaan is the little bitch in the crew.

  5. Ok this is some suspect shit but it looks like some hazing shit. Just like ripping his towel off in the locker room. I know this is over the top but they fuckin with him lol. Even somebody was smackin him.

  6. Nothing wrong with trying to grab another guys ding a long. It is straight as fuck. Just like getting turned on about fucking a bitch that everybody else fucked. Or being a guy on TV and realizing the only reason the bitch is with you is because you are rich and then you get to sit back and watch her fuck tons of other rich guys for money before fucking you.

    All of it is straight.

  7. None of you have never been in any athletic pro team locker room. They are naked around each other they shower naked around each other they slap each other on the ass all day long they compare dick sizes etc. It has nothing to do with being homosexual this has always been a norm. That is why it became a issue with mike Sam because straight men could no longer be home erotic around a gay man. Why you dummies don't get that he did the same thing all them do in the locker room. None of you don't know that because you never stepped foot in pro baller locker room if you did you would know that this stuff is norm.

  8. The telltale sign was Canaans reaction. He pushed Howards hand away like a teenaged girl. He didn't react like you or I would, like punching Howard in the throat for example. That action says, more "not now honey" than "N***A, WTF?!!"

  9. Sportscenter : So Dwight, what was that on the sidelines with you and Isaiah Canaan.
    Dwight Howard stupid ass : Oh what had happened is, "my pinky ring hasn't been sized yet so as I leaned over to talk to Isaiah about the game it fell of and accidentally landed on his knee."
    Sportscenter : Dwight, " our cameras clearly show you fondling Isaiah's privates Dwight.
    Dwight Howard : "No goddamit I said I was reaching for my ring that landed on his knee end of discussion, next question."

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