1. Dont trust homosexuals around kids. Homosexuals hang around restrooms and playgrounds. Watch out for homosexual teachers and coaches like Jerry Sandusky and gay scout leaders. They lie and wait for sexual oportunities with your boy.

  2. I love crossing it's the only time I can find pervy grabby pushy guys that will just grope me undress me pull out the cock and let me suck it or my favorite feel my pants and pantys slide down and feel some strangers hard stuff cock push lil by lil into my tight sexy white round and till I beg them to cum

  3. That is so true, one of the best things about being a gay guy is the ability to find sex pretty much anywhere you want, anytime you want any place you want. I’ve been a very naughty boy in my life. I lived in Toronto all of my 49 years, and in that time I have played with literally thousands of men all Across the city. You can find sex in the nearest public washroom, the park, sitting in your car, sitting in your car in any parking lot at any mall in the entire city, most mall bathrooms have more gay sex than people going to the bathroom. Then there is the locker rooms at the gym in the sauna in the showers, or if you want to back alleys, good night clubs, Street, even in a tree! Let’s just say if you have an H there’s always somebody Around to help you scratch it, and it’s one of the reasons why I will never ever leave the city, it is the gay mecca for all of Canada, and dare I say, one of the best in the world! So come on over and visit, I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

  4. I have many homosexual friends and I am accepting of all types of people. However I don't give a shit if you're gay, or straight having sex in public is fuckin disgusting. People want to use a public washroom they shouldn't be subjected to two people fucking. I was in a well known "cruise spot" the other day and I didn't find out it was one until after something happened. Some guy in the stall next to me decided it would be appropriate to drop to his knees and slide his cock under my stall. How the fuck is that okay?? thats borderline harassment. I'm sitting there trying to take a dump and play words with friends and that happens? i told him to fuck off and he apologized and ran off. Anyone who cruises maybe instead of thinking about how horny you are maybe think about the general public and think about people trying to run their businesses before you go and do that again. I understand in the 80s and 90s when it was less tolerated but now a days things have evolved. Get a hotel room or something just don't be doing that in public. Can't people see how twisted this is? I literally can't go into a public washroom anymore without wondering if some random creep is gonna be so disgusting and try and harass me. Anyone who wants to make this a "gay issue" go fuck yourself. This isn't a gay issue its a decency issue.

  5. in the 80s or even in the 90s i get it dude, but honestly, i'm gay, and now in 2017 you don't need to do this kind of things… it is just disgusting… I'm gay and i feel embarrased by this activities… i just want people to know that not every gay people do that… it is mostly for people that haven't come out yet….

  6. I do not care what people do in private, whether gay or straight, but whenever I find this activity taking place in public parks where I am paddle boarding, running, etc., I will notify the police if any of these guys cross the line. Back in 2009, one left a note on my car to meet in the woods. I found it after I had run about 6 miles and returned to leave. I copied it and sent it to the local police. Several months later, I read of a undercover sting that had taken place in that same park with multiple people arrested and charged with lewd conduct, etc.

    If you want to be gay, fine, but don't turn my public parks into a sex club and don't go spreading disease through reckless behavior like this.

  7. Shaun is correct, that all kinds of men cruise not just gay men but a lot of closeted men. So many married guys cruise, guys who have girlfriends cruise if women only knew the truth they would be shocked. Queen's Park is definitely one of the top cruising grounds in Toronto when night falls.

  8. They know well what I mean but it's OK. I would say it to their face because I have said it to the face of some. I'm one of them….

  9. @Showinbulge
    Your intellectual level and the utter lack of depth and originality clearly define you as another casualty of the brainwash. That you also cruise is another matter and that you would think that your sexual incursions interest or shock me, or that I would have a problem with homosexuality or gay cruising for being a 'christian bigot', a 'repressed faggot' or something along those lines merely shows you're too thick, programmed and predictable to process my posts.

  10. @Showinbulge
    'what you define as "today's indoctrinated gay" is really simply gay men that know how to pick up other men in public places like clubs, on the sidewalks, shopping, etc'

    Uh no, Einstein, I was actually differentiating between the cruising part and the indoctrination part, the latter being quite apparent in your fake campy prose, namely in the constant emphasis on 'WE', in phrases heard THOUSANDS of times, such as: 'we've come a long way' and 'society's acceptance'.

  11. @Showinbulge
    They were actually looking for something, some fun, excitement, experience, love perhaps, at least they were looking for something and NOT counting on authority to give it to them, since gays for decades were eminently aware of the depressing implications of authority and the dulling, deindividualizing vibes of mass-culture.
    The cruising gay, as opposed to today's indoctrinated gay, has at least kept in touch with his individuality and is at least looking for something.

  12. @Showinbulge
    …of brainwashing. They evolve in depressing controlled subcultures defined by alcohol and a mindset of sex/consumption and aren't forming any actual alternative, viable male bonds. They COMPLETELY depend on the system's propaganda and legalistic measures, taking over a socially engineered model of gayness that is stripped of ALL creative, interesting implications.
    At least when guys were wildly cruising, they weren't as indoctrinated and scared of everything.

  13. @Showinbulge

    'Move forward why don't you'
    Forwards to WHAT? To some ridiculous farce of a guy marrying a guy and the both of them adopting some child from some collapsed country and spending their lives chanting 'gay is good' and advocating kids be taught in school homosexuality is the exact same thing as heterosexuality, that it's just a matter of taste -some liking chocolate and some vanilla?
    Face it, society is constructing a model of gayness and most gays today are in reality victims..

  14. In short, 'is gay good' versus 'is gay bad' is the entire scope of society's and gays' approach to homosexuality and all its questions and issues.
    'Is cruising good' versus 'is cruising bad' is the way this vid is approached.
    There's an utter lack of depth, creativity, intelligence, fun, in 'gay culture' -if it even exists- at the moment. There's the shallow, idiotizing propaganda at the one end, and the mindless fucking at the other, nothing in between…

  15. …at least have the merit of teaching them something and allowing them to evolve.

    No such luck with many of todays gays, gay culture is DEAD and the younger generations IDIOTIZED with the system's propaganda. I've had gays scream at me that Matthew Shepard died and I was a hater and bla bla bla.
    How utterly boring that gays today are so ungay that they need AUTHORITY of all things, AUTHORITY to formulate for them what to think, of course: the judaic victimhood trip of the suffering minority.

  16. …'PRIDE', 'tolerance', 'accepting diversity', 'gene', 'equality', 'coming out', and soforth.
    A true cultish subculture, of people all thinking the EXACT same things, very heavily focused on a victimhood trip and evil bullies.
    Compared to this 'militant', politicisezd discourse, it must be said that the real cruising guys are at least not as brainwashed, and more honest with themselves and their experiences, that are, however one wants to characterize them, their OWN experiences, that will…

  17. The problem is gays and the ENTIRETY of popular gay discourse isn't SUBSTANTIVE, it is always REACTIVE, finding its own justifications in the ills of a heteronormistic society. What is lacking here is an absolute, golden reference.

    I've been quite shocked at finding how increasingly hard it is to have a normal, balanced exchange with gays about anything. They're all into the mainstream propaganda, all using the same buzzwords, like 'hate', 'homophobia', 'hate crime', 'bigots',…

  18. @monk3yboy69
    In the end, it is simply demeaning, addictive behaviour of people whose heightened energies demand some kind of release, and the rationalisation of it is an a-posteriori justification. Fucking anonymous strangers you don't know isn't beautiful or great, whichever way you wanna turn it. It's a weakness of character, in the best of cases a transitional stage, that may certainly be more interesting than the hypocritical attitudes of the dulled down masses, but in the end depressing…

  19. @monk3yboy69
    Cruising isn't a moral issue. It is simply a psychological FACT that cruising gays NEED their crtuising like a junky needs another dose, and the experiences resulting from this addictive behaviour are necessarily eroding and weakening certain values and perspectives making up the best of our humanity, again, not in a moral sense but in an ACTUAL sense; I quite understand how cuising may procure psychological highs and be exciting but don't try to pretend it's something it's not:

  20. @tuomasii and because I know STDs are real. You are right…..someday I will look back and think I wish I had had a lot more time for a lot more cruising. Just accept that some people are more than capable of leading happy, fulfilling lives and being able to handle the "emptiness" of cruising public spaces and having shameless sex. I question why it bothers you so much and can only conclude it is something you so desperately enjoy and then spend hours begging yourself for forgiveness.

  21. @tuomasii As it happens I do have a partner. I have been with my partner for 15 years now and it is a stable and loving relationship. Yes, crusing is just lust! That is the point! You are not looking for your true love, anyone doing that is a fool! Secondly, You say you are not the one having unsafe sex with strangers in public. Did I say I was having unsafe sex? No. You leap to a conclusion based on assumption that all cruisers are having unsafe sex. I use protection as I have a partner….

  22. @tuomasii You sound so dull, I am sure you put yourself to sleep. You actually have the gall to say you are not passing insults, merely judgement? Who gave you that power? I did not see any notice asking you to represent any of us. I must say I would love to be able to stand up with such confidence and pass judgement on my fellow humanbeings! One can only assume you are the Messiah himself come to save us all!

  23. @tuomasii For you it may be degrading and cheapen sex, for me not! You might find this behaviour unacceptable, I don't. You might have the emotional intelligence of a child unable to handle the consequences of cruising, I don't. I am a well rounded, well educated and charming young (middle aged I guess) man who happens to have cruising as something I enjoy. It does not define and I won't allow you to try and judge me. You are free to feel how you do. Allow others the same courtesy.

  24. …are you really?
    I mean what's the point of whining about grown men having sex with one another and while being blind to the massive financial crisis that is PURPOSEFULLY created, to wars based on lies killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and really too many issues to mention.

  25. @tuomasii
    'Live and let live'

    If your urge to improve the collective is sincere, YOU have the responsibility of familiarizing yourself with the crucial issues, even if they start to affect you personally and threaten your belief systems.
    Saying people shouldn't do certain things is never a solution, certainly not before understanding WHY they do these things.

    Yeah sure, 'we' need to be able to criticize anything but why criticize the symptoms and not address the causes?
    And how 'critical'…

  26. @tuomasii
    …someone, you're going to believe 'the experts', not unlike a bible-belt bigot trusts his minister.

    You don't have to BELIEVE though. You can simply switch on your mind and go through it all yourself. It is BLATANTLY obvious the HIV/AIDS narrative is full of holes and completely fraudulent, and in reality this isn't a secret for anybody going through the literature.

  27. @tuomasii
    'but how can you be sure'

    Because I've ceased doing precisely what you and countless others are doing, namely trusting the doctors, because 'doctors are very intelligent' and 'surely all of them couldn't be wrong'.

    I've simply checked the facts MYSELF and many people who have done this -certainly not a majority but typically rather the intelligent minority with critical thinking skills have arrived at the same conclusion.

    Of course, if your mindframe is you need to BELIEVE…

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