Gay Coming Of Age Movie! The Mom Son Freak Out Scene – "DIRTY MAGAZINES" Short Film (Comedy/Drama)

“DIRTY MAGAZINES” is a crowd pleaser and award winning heartfelt comedy that blew up on the LGBT festival circuit — thanks for all of your emails and support!

Catch the FULL FILM on YouTube in 2 Parts:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –


It’ll make you squirm, but you’ll laugh your ’80s [email protected]@ off) ***
Audience Favorite Around The Globe!
Own The Uncensored DVD on eBay or – 1 Hr. w/20 min. of Bonus Features!

Official Selection @ 20+ Festivals Worldwide
Audience Favorite.
Jury Award Winner
You’ll laugh your butt off!
Thanks for your support & enjoy, ’80s style! 🙂

*** Welcome to PREVIEW #4 of our Award Winning comedy, “DIRTY MAGAZINES!” – This is the defining turning point in the film where our happy ’80s suburban family is turned on its ear! Enjoy.

** # 1 – Home Late From School:
** # 2 – Mom Gets A Suprise for Son’s B-Day
** # 3 – Sticky (Pages) Situation:
** # 4 – Coming Out Like It Or Not:
** # 5 – Adult Sex Tape Education:

Based in the ’80s, “Dirty Magazines” is a hysterical coming-of-age comedy revolving around a woman determined to be the perfect mother. After she finds gay porn under her son’s bed on the morning of his 16th birthday, the two go on an absurd, yet earnest, cat-and-mouse ride to find out what this “really means.” At its heart, the film delves into family love, dysfunction and acceptance… and the ridiculous hell we must go through sometimes to get it.

06.15 (7:10a) – kw
6.20 (9:00p) KWs
6.29 (7:58a) kw4
7.20 (8:52a) kw5
9.20 (10:26a) kw1


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