Gay college linebacker Scott Cooper talks about religion, acceptance on his team

Augsburg College linebacker Scott Cooper, who just finished his senior season, joins us to talk about coming out to his team, the reception they gave him and his partner, his speech on National Coming Out Day — and the bitter cold of Minnesota.


  1. Who in his right mind wouldn't love this guy? Every time I see one of these young, genuine, likable, sweet kids being honest about himself, it infuriates me to think of the mean-spirited bullshit artists in all their guises who go out of their way to make life unnecessarily difficult for him just because of their own hangups. Society needs more like this decent young man.

  2. I love this story, I've been vlogging my life and subsequently my Semi-pro football living for almost a year now.  This story sounds like mine a bit with the team being relatively okay with it but not making it a deal.  Obviously everyone is different but the more Guys that come out as College, Semi-Pro, Minor League.. or Pro level Football the better it will be for the coming generations.  like Dave said, it athletes like us are the small pebbles that will start a movement that will lead to changes.

  3. wow-all these athletes coming out— in the historically homophobic sports world! just thinkin about that great billie jean king quote = you've got to push -one by one by one to get some movement- and eventually it goes from glacier to flood !

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