Gay Camping – Cedars Campground

This gay campground located near Toronto Canada welcomes both men and women. It also has clothing optional areas for the gay nudist in all of us! You can see the rest of our gay campground tour on my gay travel video blog at


  1. : Have you two visited CampOutAlabama in Geneva, Alabama? I just live twenty-six miles from there. It used to be "Spring Creek Camp Ground and Resort" which closed and went out of business three years ago. Anyway, CampOutAlabama opened I believe New Year's Eve, last December. Go pay them a visit sometime. I LIKE WHAT THEY'VE DONE WITH THE PLACE.

  2. Hey, Juan, this is so goddamn hilarious. I adore your sense of humour, with more than a touch of wicked! Nice wicked! We have simply nothing like this in darkest Africa, and it makes me wish I had emigrated when I was young (which was before God was born). These places are very interesting and it's great to to see what like-minded folk can achieve together….in high heels, of course. Your videos are special, I've been through the entire portfolio, and you just leave me salivating every time, whilst confirming that we live in the arse-end of the world. Love to you and Bill, from Vernon in dreary Johannesburg.

  3. I love the videos and the laughs. If we can’t make fun or laugh at ourselves it’s pretty sad. Keep making the videos and cracking the jokes. Everyone else can just live a “serious” life of no fun. Hell I think may buy an RV and try this shit out, looks fun.

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