Game Of Thrones & Naked Men

Game Of Thrones on HBO is known for a lot of sex and nudity, but does it need more naked men and same sex coupling? Vulture writer Matt Zoller Seitz says yes – do you agree? Pop Trigger breaks it down with special guest Shoshana Bean.

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  1. Nothing like a good-looking naked "MAN!!" That girl does not know what she is talking about. ((((Silly ass.)))) Woman look funny naked…….ugh!!!     lol  I do not look nor act gay, but put a naked man in the room.  HELLLLLLL-YEAH!!!!

  2. art is not a debate. You dont get to vote an art creation. I d like to see more male nudity, but i dont want to watch a show because it has good nude scenes. I want to watch a show that is actually good. So game of thrones should have less loop holes and writers should focus on that story which has derailed in latest seasons … rather than nude scenes.

  3. No one want to see a naked male is very offencive take for instance if I post a dick pic online right now people would report me if I walk in a room and say who wants to see my dick people walk out and leave

  4. 2:58 ..I just sorry for these idiots

    women are portrayed as sex objects (that's why that dude said more men nudity is required ) and she is want to see naked women.

    lesbian slut

  5. I disagree that the Game of Thrones audience is majority hetersexual males. I hear of a lot more women who watch that show. But, I personally think the show appeals equally to Men and women. BUT, yes there is definitely WAY more female nudity. It couldn't hurt to throw in more naked dudes. Men usually don't mind getting naked, no matter our race or sexual preference. If you ask, we'll strip!! lol

  6. This woman is a stupid  lesbian sexist.Most female on this planet are ugly: too fat, too skinny, saggy tits, cellulite……..The don´t have good looking bodys.Whats wrong with a nice male body, it looks much better than tits… Tits are nothing sexual…..Mother nature want that female feed their babys

  7. The gay sex scenes aren't as equal the straight? Yeah, well gay couple aren't near as common as straight, so you'd completely turn off 90% of your audience

  8. Game of Thrones actress Emila Clarke says, "FREEEEEE THE PENIS"
    She agrees that the world needs to show more dick in Game of Thrones. She has to show her vagina, she agrees her male costars need to show their dicks

  9. Spartacus SEASON 1 which was mentioned on this video is a perfect example of when they finally try to even out the male vs female nudity disparity but in reverse of the "Normal" (more male nudity for once) which is just a made up BS construct of society. I never heard men or anyone bitching about Spartacus nudity either; There was quite a few d*cks on Spartacus but realistically that's how it was back in that era, you know, before body shaming, lots of tits and lots of d*cks not just a bunch of prudes afraid of their own skin. So yes, there should be an increase of penis showing at least 10% when compared to the massive tits showing to which there is no end in sight. They don't have to be erect or flaccid, somewhere in between is just fine. Oh yeah, feel free to stop showing skinny sickly looking guys as the only gays because Alexander the Great was at least BI and he was undeniably no weakling.

  10. The blonde woman say's women parts are more pleasing to look at but I have also seen guys who say men parts are also a lot more pleasing…maybe because they are just used to seeing their own things that's why they appreciate it more.

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