1. He says when i take stick.. he saying stick stick adlive over and over but it was purposely put together by music industry like that it is meant to sound like that which is fucked up because the name of the song and the fact that he didn't raise no hell over his song being done like that hmmmm!!!??? Illuminati must be fucking with him sending him a message of exposing him.

  2. (TheWeekendAdlib in background)"still coming out strong")
    Future clearly said
    "the only time i feel alive is when I taste(it
    Simultaneously to TheWeekendAdlib (still coming out strong

  3. (TheWeekendAdlib in background) "still coming out strong")
    He clearly said "the only time i feel alive is when i taste(it) ( it TheWeekendAdlib in background at the same time future is saying (still coming out strong")

  4. Ok, future isn't gay, the producers made it sound like he said dick, so it would make people listen to the song more. In the background future says "stick" and the producers put that over "the only time I feel alive is when I take one." Hope I could help 😁

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