1. These kids had a lot of fun putting this together. For me since all our practices and most all meets were in the bare, it's not as funny. But, seeing young people having a blast together is one of the pleasures of getting older. Young people haven't changed a bit and ate south fun!

  2. You are aware that this is totally fake, do you?

    A swimmers body is the picture of perfection and I agree this is something to be proud of; however, though, in the proper platform: This is a swimmer – not a go go dancer. There are underwater cameras also along with this new technology that would freak anyone out, and there are all men competing, which will add to the discomfort level. Not many women were there.

  3. the writers of the top comments do not consider the social implications of modern life by such an exposure.
    no, we cannot allow official nude swimming, people of the modern world disallow that.
    we are animals, partly, and that makes it ok to be naked among others, but also we have evolved beyond the simple.

  4. Totally agree, it's no big deal and happens a lot to a keen swimmer. I once dived in and swan two circuits before I even noticed I was only wearing swimming goggles!

  5. I'm not a professional athlete, but I am an passionate swimmer and sometimes, when I'm swimming really fast during a timed swim, I lose my suit. I just keep going until the swim is over, and then go retrieve my suit.

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