FUN TRAVEL Destinations for LGBT Tourists!

Tracey gave us our topic this week:
Have you ever taken an LGBT exclusive vacation? If so, how was it? If not, do you have any interest in such an adventure? Where would you go and why?

Also, what is your favorite city and why? Is it LGBT friendly?


  1. @PaintedRavensong Well I wish you had. You are my Sista from another mother! 😉 Hey, I would love another trip down to the Keys. I need to ponder that idea and make some plans. 🙂 Jim

  2. @conway7734 Stephie, it would have made my day if you had been able sing happy birthday to me! 🙂 I think I did visit the Hillcrest District and met a very sexy man from Minnesota. I'll leave your imagination to figure out the rest of that nice Sandy Eggo memory! LOL 😉 Hugs! Jim

  3. @stoner829 Jim, I sort of miss the days where we had big gay destinations and gay neighborhoods. It's great that we have assimilated into society but I miss the big gay parties and gatherings. LOL

  4. @KristenMac100 I've heard that Portland is a great place for trangender people, as well as LGBT and liberal minded folks. I've told Brent a time or two that we needed to get the hell out of this red state and move to Portland to be with our people! LOL I'm glad that you are there and hope you are happy. 🙂 Jim

  5. I can't believe I forgot your birthday. Happy Birthday Jim!!! I've reminded myself all year, but then forgot when it arrived. We have never been to a LGBT destination other than Key West. But we went there because it was Key West. I don't believe we even spoke to another person, of any persuasion. We are not inclined to go to bars, so that was probably our problem. We need others to drag us along. Great Vid Jim! ~ Naaman

  6. happy birthday!

    I LOVE Nola! So much fun down there. I rode Amtrak from atl down there. So pretty and relaxing. Oh and key west sounds amazing. Warm all year right? 🙂 I have to go.

  7. On your FB, I almost wrote Happy Birthday to my Brother from Another Mother but didn't want people to get the wrong idea…heheheh HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!! I love to hear how spontaneous you are. You rock!!! We have Tea dances here sometimes still. I love South Beach…haven't been in a few years. We used to go to the opera down there and then eat dinner at some of the great restaurants on SB. Can't wait until we can hang out together sometime…you need to come back to the keys! xooxx

  8. Dang. Since I'm not near the camera, I can't sing it so….
    Here's the Birthday song as provided on the "Jungle Cruise" at Disneyland:
    "This is your Birthday song,
    It isn't very long…"

    Well, it is a short ride.

    Wanna hear the second verse?

    "This is the second verse,
    It's shorter than the …."

    (well, it had to be shorter than the first, didn't it?)

    Sandy Eggo still has a small town feel to it; however, make sure you get to the Hillcrest District. LGBT capital of SD.


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