Fucked my fiance after being his bottom for sevem months.

For the first seven years, we were exclusively top/bottom with me being the top. I’ve never bottomed and I preferred him being a total bottom and quite a submissive one. Things changed when we tried to switch it up and a few months later none of us had a desire to flip back.

More than being surprised at me at being able to take his dick and enjoy it was my boyfriend who shocked the hell out of me. All of it laid dormant inside him till he started topping me. As a top he even became a bit of a sadist, dishing a bit of pain and both of us loved it. Normally I became in touch with my submissive side that never got out to play. I just loved not being the one in control after so long. He took care of me every time, no problem cumming. We would still suck each other like before, outside of the bedroom nothing changed and inside nothing was set in stone but as I said we preferred it. I actually expressed the desire that we wouldn’t flip for a while.

Until a few days ago, when he came back after a two-week job related absence. It was the first time this year that we were apart for more than a few days and I missed him terribly. When I would jerk off (after a long long time) I would only imagine the times I would fuck him, him on his back, chest begging for my dick…and that was it I was determined that when he came back it was time to claim his ass again. While he was in a hotel I expressed what I wanted when he came back so I asked him to start training his ass again so we wouldn’t have any problem and I quit jerking.

To tell the truth, I was nervous, its been some time, the dynamic changed and I was afraid both or one of us wouldn’t like it. I just knew I wanted it and my dick was hard whenever I thought about it. When it did happen in the end they were two of the most explosive orgasms I had as a top. He took my dick like a champ, as nothing has changed, we were back to where we were last year only ten times better. After I came the first time, we were resting my hard dick still inside him and we started the second round like this. There was a possibility we could go for another but we were fine by then. We talked, he said he missed this. For the last few days, I’ve been doing all the fucking.


  1. This was very hot. A bit strange that you both switched your preference 180. But again, hot. A bottom becomes a dom top. I love that.

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