Friend doesn’t want to try again

So my friend and I (both 25) recently fucked. We both have some experiences with guys; but most only with women.

TLDR; I fucked my boy raw for the first time, without lube or much foreplay and now he doesn’t want to do anal again.

Long story short, we got high and started making out, which lead to me sucking his dick and fingering his ass. He is super tight and smooth; I could not resist fucking him.

I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him and he agreed. I got him on his side and started to finger him – which seemed fine. In the heat of the moment, I started working my raw dick inside his ass (we are both clean). I didn’t rim him and didn’t use any lube (except for some precum).

I was able to get inside him and get a few pumps in before he told me to stop. We ended it there and we just made out some more before going to bed.

The issue is that now he doesn’t want to try anal again because he is afraid of it hurting. I explained that I can rim and finger him more; as well as use lube to make it much better. All I want is for him to feel good and for me to fuck his tight ass again…any tips for trying to make him more comfortable and willing to take my dick again?


  1. You may have blown your chance. That sounds like a bad experience for him. I know things are different in the heat of the moment but a good top needs to take care of the bottom making sure hey are lubed up, loosened up and mentally ready. I would suggest talking about how you would do things differently if he gave it another shot.

  2. Jesus you didn’t use lube on his first time…? Yeah he’ll probably never want to do anal again, great job ruining that awesome experience for him.

  3. I don’t blame him. As much as we tops love friction because it’s what helps us get off it’s also what can irritate our bottom partners. There needs to be some sort of lubricant to help make things go smoother. Spit/Saliva works in a pinch but is ultimately going to dry up as things progress.

    Try apologizing and acknowledging that wasn’t the best experience for him. Ask him to let you prepare his hole properly and see if there’s any improvement to how he feels afterwards. Good luck but I think you might have hurt your chances (pun intended).

  4. Can you blame him? I don’t think being high is a good reason for you to not have made the effort to at least find some lube, do you?

    I’d start with a big apology that you were selfish in the moment. Tell him you’ll allow him to control the pace and so on. Once you’ve done that, if he says no, you need to just let it go and stop pressuring him. Use it as a lesson for the future. Being drunk, high, or otherwise impaired is no excuse to put your own feelings and wants over someone else’s. Always take the time to do things properly or find something else to do instead.

  5. Lube, lube is so important. Make it clear to him that going without before was a huge mistake. Offer to let him top you, to prove the point. Also, use more than one finger before using your dick, it makes it go easier for him. Tell him you feel bad for doing it wrong before and that you want to show him what it’s like done right. You might be able to convince him that the first time was not how it normally is, which it isn’t!

  6. so basically you’re really, unusually bad in bed, he’s too nice to tell you outright, so now you think you still jave a chance to be bad in bed with him again, even after you deliberately hurt him, and you’re too much of a douchebag to see it and back off ecause you’re a piece of shit who can’t stop thinking with his dick. got it.

    one top to another: there is nothing on this planet worse than a gay guy who acts like a fucking hetero douchebag pimp, that shit about “next time i’ll be gentle!” is a load of bullshit, and you’re a piece of shit who does not deserve to get laid at all. fuck you for giving tops a bad name.

    i swear you are such a fucking idiot there isnt a word for what the fuck guys like you are

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