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Do you remember how it feels to travel somewhere alone?
It’s boring, uninspiring; there is no one with whom you can share all those great little moments.
In other words, going alone on vacations sucks big time.
Finding a company for travel is also burdening: it’s not the same when you’re taking family members or cousins, your friends have their own lives and you also have to make everything fit into the fact that you’re gay and want to have a gay vacation, go to gay clubs, bars and restaurants, party your ass off with other guys and spend some quality time in gay saunas or spas.

Mission impossible?
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a place that would let you travel worldwide, while also helping you find your one true love?

Well, what if we told you that with, you could have everything you ever dreamed of!
Concept of – travel plus dating… travelating?

Gay guys travelling and dating at the same time?

Turns out the answer is yes – using and all of its options is a lot of fun!

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