France: anti-gay marriage protesters gather in Paris

France: anti-gay marriage protesters gather in Paris

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People against same sex marriage and adoption protest in Paris as the French senate examines a controversial bill. The legislation would make it legal for gay couples to marry and to adopt children, but it has faced fierce criticism from some in France. The country’s national assembly adopted the bill in February, though opponents are hoping Francois Hollande will call a referendum.


  1. The real question is, why does anti gay exist so strongly versus some other deviation like say, collecting toe nails in a jar lol.
    There must be some reason fueling this string of hatred towards a minority. Since not all minorities are treated badly.
    In a sense, highly beautiful people are minorities and aren’t treated badly

  2. I’d love to fo in the middle of that crowd with some of my gay friends and kiss our significant others. And if they didn’t want to do it, me and my girlfriend would fs do it

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