Football must be gay video

READ: This is meant to be funny, This is a video compilation of footballers (soccer players) doing what they do. Also the Podolski song!


  1. @TheGamebitz hey jackass! ever read the fucking description!? he meant this to be funny!!!! it made me laugh. same for you mr. bigdaddyfatsack! you think this kids gay? youre the one with the username talking about big daddys wit fat sacks!! leave this guy alone ok? or youll get told off by this GIRL again! >:(

  2. What's funny is how hard you all go when ppl make videos like this. It's just youtube.. CALM DOWN. It's not like we put up a video of us doin ur mom >_>. Which, btw, she LOVED!!!! 😀 <3

  3. @Montroy92 No its football, I agree though it is gay! just like american football, because they wear all that padded shit. Rugby is a real sport dude

  4. soccer is the gayest sport on earth. although it is the most widely played sport it still seems only the biggest faggots are professionals. and yes its soccer not football because football is played in AMERICA. ALSO you don't see hockey players or football players kissing each other. two men kissing = gay no matter where you're from. Fuck soccer. GO AMERICA FUCK YEAH

  5. Honestly, theres nothing really wrong with gays. Just as long as theyre not fucking annoying about it. annd fuck off haters, football[soccer] is the fucking best sport in the world. More than just a game <3

  6. if fit girls played football idd watch it .. but they dont :O( shame realy on TV i meen .. i cant watch football mainly cuz its just all men erhhhhh !!!! i dont know what to look at

  7. @GaGaHolic1 calm down, also ur name is gagaholic lol, girl?,and its not making fun of them , callin somone gay isnt making fun, unless they are, u need to calm down, tellin people to rot in hell cuz they think a sport is gay

  8. Gee whiz, No offense intended but I think it's amusing that someone so homophobic would spend so much time making a video about guys that look gay.

  9. lol, so I suppose that the NFL is not gay? Those fat tards where tights! They only play for 10 sec than their fat ass is gasping for air. Real Football is Universal! The only ones that think soccer is gay live in America.

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