Florida RV Road Trip Part 2 – Navarre to Cross City

This is day 4 of our Texas to Florida Road trip where we visit the cities of Navarre, Denton, Tallahassee, and the Southern Comfort Gay Campground in Cross City.

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  1. StayWithFamily.com : Have you two guys ever owned a motor home that was not an expensive bucket of shit? My sister and her husband have a 29 foot long motor home. It's a Thor, by Ace; or is itan Ace, by Thor. they bought it new and they have always had problems with it. They got it from Camping World.

  2. It's great following your journey to some of the same places we have visited in our Class A.  We stayed at the same campground in Navarre on our way back from New Orleans – loved the waterfront views.  Also have been to Southern Cross for a weekend shortly after they opened.

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