first grindr date

hey, so i have my 1st date with a new guy i have been talking to on grindr for a while now on the 20th and was wondering if you guys have any tips, its sorta like a date, we are going clubbing with my 2 best girl friends and their boyfriends so sorta like a 3 way date. not sure if it would be awkward or not


  1. Be prepared for him to flake and cancel on you. I’m not saying he definitely will, but he might.

  2. No, doesn’t sound awkward at all. Sounds like a fun time. Don’t let him pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with. If it comes down to sex – USE PROTECTION. No matter how nice he seems. How charming. How good the night went. Ect… please, use protection. But yeah – other than that. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Just a bunch of buds hanging out having fun.

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