1. I can like SO totally relate! Except I don't live in WeHo, Toronto, SF or the five block area of NYC they consider acceptable. And I don't have a body half as nice as most of them. And I'm not as cute as they are. And they probably have more disposable income than I do. And go on more dates…okay, I don't think I can relate after all. Wait-am I even really gay?

  2. I was alone on my 21st birthday at the bar drinking to myself. I did't really have family around and no one really know who I was. It was the day that my family told me that Gay is just an illness. If I go to find a doctor, I will turn to normal…

  3. I like this show and thank you Logo for entertaining us. Cheyenne has changed his ways.. I did not like him at first but I do now. Jorge? "A HOE FOR SHO!!" Hahaha lol he is just finding himself AGAIN… 🤔 I forgot the "bears" name but he's my favorite – a little drama queen but nice..

  4. Currently in Venezuela being gay is not such a big deal, specially in Caracas the capital, there is homophobic people, but is more the people that dont mind at all. We got bigger problems to deal with.

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