Finally got fucked!

Ok so we literally just finished up, and wow, I was not expecting how enjoyable it would be. I met a guy through Grindr again, not super hot but still attractive, lived in my town, he was a top and I had mentioned I was ready to bottom, he said he was only interested in head though. We we met up at his place and got right down to it. Made out for a little bit on his couch, and by now I’d seen his dick through pics so I knew it was about average sized and I’d been playing with my ass all day so I knew I would be ready if he wanted to fuck me. He was fingering my ass for a bit while he went down on me and said he wanted my ass so I sucked him for a bit and he grabbed a condom. He flipped me over on my stomach and started rimming and fingering me more. Then he pulled away and laid down on top of me and I felt him slide between my cheeks and honestly I’d never been more excited!
He was super slow at first but when I started pushing back into him he picked up pace. It was so fucking hot my dudes, he pinned me down, whispered the dirtiest stuff in my ear, I was leaking all over his couch lol.
I guess he got super close when he was fucking me cause he pulled out and put me on my knees and started jerking off so naturally I start sucking his balls and he shot the biggest load on my face. Holy shit I wanted to cum on the spot. I sucked him til he went limp and he gave me a towel for my face. Highlights: First time getting fucked was great, little pain, good looking guy with a nice dick, got a facial 🙂
Lowlights: Definitely felt all the pain that did happen, didn’t cum until I got in my car and jerked off thinking about it lol, kinda wish he was bigger?
Anyways sorry for the long story, I just wanted to tell someone and you all seemed like the perfect group! Hope it’s an enjoyable read!


  1. That nice. I’m surprised it didn’t hurt, even after a few months of no fucking my ass always hurts lol

  2. Glad to hear, it amazing to take a cock in your ass! I love the feel as much as fuck a dude or a chic!

  3. Very cool man!

    But it’s probably good he wasn’t huge. I know people who have been fucked by huge cocks the first time they bottomed and wrecked their holes.

    A buddy of mine met this really hot, but huge douche bag of a top, the guy plowed him mercilessly even though he knew it was his first time being a bottom.

    My friend had to go to the hospital because he had tears in his rectum and was bleeding. He had to have medication, creams and very painful dumps for a good month afterward.

    I bottomed for the first time with an average size guy like you and gradually learned how to take bigger dicks, definitely happy about that lol

    Your story is super hot by the way!

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