Exploring Penang (Georgetown): What to do in one day (Travel Vlog)

I am so excited to explore Penang, Georgetown. I have only one day in Penang, Malaysia so I decided to explore all around George town.

We headed to Georgetown, in Penang, Malaysia. One day we walked around and did all these things in a single day.

If you want to find out what to do in one day in George town Penang keep watching to discover this touristic island of Malaysia with me.

Penang is a really popular island in Malaysia and one of the main reason is George town.

Georgetown is UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are plenty of street art to share the history of Penang island with you.

After walking around George town to check out the street art and eat Malaysian ice ball we decided to visit Clan Jetties Of Penang.

Clan Jetties also know as the floating village of Penang. These houses are all built on top of the water.

After discovering the Clan Jetty we had back to George town to check out the street market and little India.

The street market was so interesting I even get a knives massage.



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