EXCLUSIVE Profile: The Sweet and Social Life of JEEERD, Our Social Media Maestro

EXCLUSIVE Profile: The Sweet and Social Life of JEEERD, Our Social Media Maestro

Here at TheSword, it takes a team of people to make sure you see the sexy, seductive dudes and all their great artwork. We wanted to take a minute and profile someone who helps makes it all happen.

JEEERD is Falcon Studios Group/NakedSword’s  social media maven!  His official title is “Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.”
Here, JEEERD talks about how he ended up working for an adult company, and how his very social nature–no pun intended–is central to his job! Read on, porn lovers! And make sure to thank JEERD for his dedication by following him on Twitter and Insta, @TheLifeOfJEEERD. His Snap is @havsofjared.
How did you become interested in working in gay porn?
I never really sought it out, I kind of just ended up here and it’s been a blast. I just passed my 4 year anniversary with the Falcon Studios Group & NakedSword brands.

What was your first job in the industry?
JEEERD: This one! I do the marketing and social media for all of our brands alongside the VP of Marketing.
How did you come to work for Falcon Studios Group?
It kind of just happened for me. I was working in Vegas nightlife and really wanted out, so I put out my resume on one of those recruitment websites and the rest is history. I’ve always been involved in the marketing world in one form or another.

What’s the hottest thing about doing social media for a gay porn site?
The guys for sure! I’m constantly around some of the hottest dudes in the business.

What’s your favorite part about the job?
Probably the traveling! Or the award shows. Sometimes I get to go on trips with the team for big production shoots or award shows.

Who is JEEERD?
Hey that’s me! I’m just a goofy, sometimes sassy boy from Colorado that’s living the gay boy dream in Vegas lol. Hope that wasn’t too corny…

What’s one thing your job entails that people might not expect?
The office aspect of it. I know it’s crazy to fathom but, there’s actually a whole army working behind the scenes to bring you content like we produce. A lot of people assume I just watch guys fuck all day which sadly isn’t the case. There’s never a dull moment working in this industry. 
What are all the social media pages pages you manage?
Twitter: @FalconStudiosPR @Falcon_Studios @Raging_Stallion @HotHouseXXX @naked_sword @ClubInfernoXXX @FetishForce and @HUNTEZINE
Instagram: @menoffalcon
Snapchat: @falconstudios
How has working in porn affected your personal life?
It hasn’t one bit! My family and long-term partner are all aware of what I do here and are ok with it. 

Are you friends with any of the models?
I love our boys! Part of keeping them happy involves building relationships with them so I like to take them out on the town here in Vegas when they’re here for a shoot.

Do you ever get “excited” on set?
Haha! This is everybody’s favorite question to ask. The short answer is no! Our guys are stunning but gotta keep it professional 100% 😉
What are the 3 keys to dominating social media?
1. The latest iPhone 2. An eye for seeing things outside of the box 3. Creativity & Originality So 4 lol

Where do you see yourself in 5 years career wise?
This question is always hard to answer because the social media world is constantly changing and adapting. All I know is I’m happy and passionate about creating the content we do here on our social channels and we’re excited to bring out even more.

Any advice for those that want to work behind the scenes?
I would say acquire and master a set of skills, start a relationship with someone at the studio you desire and take it from there.

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