1. It's a shame, all you white haters dissing Mrs Obama. You'd probably loved if it was Donald Trump dancing. T'salright tho' Mrs Obama is doing a lot better with her life than all y'all. And about her having balls… Perhaps they're the ones you guys lost or lacked, and she's wearing them well, more than one could say of you haters. 🙂

  2. Most of the articles and images of describing Micheal's aka Michelle's physical condition have been scrubbed from the internet and youtube. But I remember seeing them.

  3. What the heck is that swinging around in Michaels Pats? White besides that really just look at how long her arms and legs and how wide was shoulders are impossible but that's not I man.

  4. These comments are immature and uncalled for. Stupidity at its highest order….in life you only see what you have limited your mind to see. The same case wld happen to any lady if anyone spread rumours that she is a man…a good example ,look at caster semenya….its a thing associated with being a celebrity

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