Eating disorders in the LGBT community: Coming Out Twice documentary

LGBT people are at a significantly higher risk of eating disorders, with over 50% of young LGBT+ people having being diagnosed with an eating disorder.

In this documentary, PinkNews asks why #EatingDisorders are so prevalent among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. We speak to #LGBT YouTubers about what it is like living with an eating disorder, and look at the possible solutions to reducing the rates of eating disorders. Read more:

Thank you to all the LGBT+ activists who appeared in the documentary, including:
– Bisexual YouTuber Melanie Murphy: 05:05
– Transgender YouTuber Kovu Kingsrod: 05:10
– Bisexual YouTuber Kate Flowers: 00:29
– Bisexual YouTuber Alayna Joy reads out the diary entry of a bisexual fan: 00:11 (See:
– Transgender YouTuber Aaron Ansuini: 00:09
– Gay YouTuber Jazza John: 06:58
– Lesbian singer This Is Iona: 05:32
– Bisexual activist Ballari Conner: 05:26
– Asexual YouTuber Ellie Berry: 00:18
– Transgender YouTuber Ashton Daniel: 00:24
– Psychotherapist Michael McLinn: 02:32
– Beat charity representative Tom Quinn: 02:45

If you think you or someone you know has an eating disorder, you can contact the following services for help in the UK and Republic of Ireland:

National centre for Eating Disorders
ABC – Anorexia & #Bulimia Care
Overeaters Anonymous Great Britain
SEED – Eating Disorders Support Services
North East Eating Disorders Support (NEEDS) Scotland
Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorder Association
First Steps
Eating Disorders Association Northern Ireland

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  1. thank you so much for putting together a video like this. there are stats for eating disorders and spread out personal account here on YouTube, but it feels so validating having a more put together video like this. it's very concise and matter of fact but also very personal. appreciate so much the work out into this 💜💜

  2. as a queer person who dealt with disordered eating for most of my life i can completely relate to what these people are saying and i really do think the two were related for me especially when it came to my gender and not feeling comfortable as a woman

  3. also, it's really nice to hear so many other irish people talking about eating disorders. there's super limited treatment options here. after a certain point you just feel doomed. but you can recover, at anytine in any place.

  4. i started to control my calorie intake when i was 12 so i could avoid female puberty. i was super dysphoric about my hips and chest and i was convinced i would have to kill myself if my period started. my therapist told me that initially that was a "logical" idea. i was smart. i looked for answers to my problems. unfortunately the answer was extremely unhealthy, but at the time i didn't care. i went through cycles of restricting and binging and exercising for maybe 3 years. the dysphoria morphed into self hatred. feeling fat and feminine in every situation. I'm doing a lot better rn. I'm eating well and I'm at a healthy weight. i don't feel fat often anymore, but i still get bad dysphoria. it's hard and no one really gets what's going on in my head but it's getting better. it just sucks that sooo many other trans people try to do this too. it doesn't help anything, it just destroys you and makes you miserable in the process. it doesn't even help you pass.

  5. This video was really helpful and Im glad It was made so people know others go through similar struggles they do. I'm trans, ftm and asexual. Not too long ago my dad tried to say kids and teens can't get stressed because they have nothing to be stressed or depressed or anxious about that, they don't really have problems. I've been struggling with an eating disorder on and off for 4 1/2 years now, I've been in and out of therapy, in-patient in a mental hospital, and I'm considered lucky compared to most. I think it's important for adults, teachers, doctors, kids, teens, people, to know that age dosnt matter. Anyone can get stressed, any one can have depression or anxiety. And we need to be there for the people in our life that have these problems, not just pretend they arnt real because "kids dont get anxiety" or "you're too young to have an eating disorder" or "you shouldn't have depression, they're life is perfect".

    Thank you for comming to my TED Talk.

  6. I sort of have an issue with admitting that I actually have an issue (that sentence was ironic lol) so I think I'm just letting it get worse and worse cause I think I might have an eating disorder but it doesn't have a huge impact on my life and I'm fine so I don't think I even need help with it, but I've talked to people who said the same thing as I just did who really really needed help so I can't even tell if I'm pretty bad off or not ??? Ah idk I've just been conflicted for a few months thinking about it

  7. Thank you for this video! I have what I believe to be EDNOS/ OSFED and go through periods of anorexia, bulimia, and BED and I know it for me is significantly related to my gender dysphoria

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