Dunkin Donuts – SNL

Meet Donny (Casey Affleck), a real Dunkin Donuts customer.

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  1. I miss dunkin donuts 🍩. In Washington state we have like one dunkin donut shop. 😢
    But, instead, we have bikini 👙 baristas 😍
    Basically, half naked women making coffee ☕️ in a drive through booth. Most of the time they are naked.

  2. I am not even sure if we have dunkin doughnuts in my area of Ohio but I sure know we have Starbucks. Maybe so called good coffee is supposed to be bitter as fuck but I think it is egregious that they also charge so much for it. Our equivalent of DD is called Waffle House. I have never been in Prison but I feel like a riot or a stabbing could take place in a Waffle House at any given moment in time. Co-workers tried to get me to go to one again and I said “No Thanks I don’t like getting shot”. No more than two weeks later a person was shot in the parking lot of a local Waffle House. Prophetic or just common sense? You make the call !!!

  3. There are some in the area where I live you throw a coffee on their car they very well might call the cops on you. There was a time I was trying to get out of a gas station there was only one area to get out I was going that way someone decided that as I am making my way out they would back up into the area I was heading out of. I wouldn't move. He kept backing up and he stops. I talk to him with a civil tone then because I wouldn't move he proceeded to call the cops. Believe me or not this happened I would not put it past that sheep of a person if he call the cops if someone decided to throw coffee at his car

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