Drew Lynch Stuttering Comedian Wins Crowd Over America’s Got Talent 2015

Drew Lynch speaks with a stutter since suffering an injury during a softball game four years ago.

But instead of letting it hold him back, he has worked to parlay it into a career as a comedian. And his recent appearance on “America’s Got Talent” could prove to be his big break.

Lynch told some brilliant jokes that poked fun at his disorder. And it totally won over the judges, who praised him for both a funny and moving performance.

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  1. He is honestly inspirational and for his girlfriend to do what she did for him to be able to follow his dream oh my gosh I need a true love like that in my life this video has me in tears 😭

  2. He realised that he wasn't a nice person before the accident, and unfortunately it took a severe shock and change to his life but think it might be the best thing to ever happen . One thing I'm sure it took guts n big balls to admit defeat but something tells me he's on the up n up, best of luck lad

  3. Only a stammerer knows how hard it is to speak in social situations. It is the one disability that hardly gets the awareness it so badly needs. I'm a life long stammering sufferer. I wish if there was magic pill for this illness I would sacrice my life for it for the rest of humanity to be able to speak without a stammer

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