Draw My Life | Coming Out Story – Ryan Waechter Edition

New videos every FRIDAY! Hey everyone! Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Ryan, you draw people weird” and all I have to say is “Aint Nobody Got Time To Draw Arms”. Now that that’s out of the way, I hope you enjoy the video; hopefully you feel like you know me a bit better. It has more of a serious tone, but the next couple of videos after this will be more light and (hopefully) funny. Trying to keep it a bit balanced. Anyways, stop reading this and actually watch the video! Smell you later!

Also, if you want to watch the first singing performance I EVER did, click here: … don’t judge, I was in grade 10 and really nervous 😛



  1. Sodomy is not weird—–it's more than weird—-it's creepy and feculent.BIOLOGICAL FACT——the anus is a exit point, not a entry point.What a person does in their private life with their anus is not my concern until they want me or my culture to embrace publicly sexual perversion in any form.Keep it in your bedroom..

  2. love the drawings….your coming out was interesting….i too used food as my crutch…..your coming out was different than mine. I came out after college, early 80s…moved to SF….joinedGay groups…..sent my mom a coming out letter on the Gay Synagogue stationary….
    a journey every day…jeff thanks Ryan

  3. So we have someone who draws, who sings in choir and gives full credit to the Drama department for his success, yet schools are cutting funding to fine arts programs, and slashing staffing and classes in art, drama and music departments. These programs are as fundamental to building confidence, a sense of teamwork and self discipline as the varsity football team, as the cheerleading squad or JV basketball. The arts represents a different venue, to accomplish the same lauditory goals, for a different demographic in our schools as the latter. The same is true of the science fair, the debate or chess teams. We need to support all of our kids.

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