Drake Bell Debuts Sexy ‘Rewind’ Music Video

Drake Bell Debuts Sexy ‘Rewind’ Music Video

Drake Bell is best known for his days on The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh. The 31-year-old former Nickelodeon star turns up the heat for his new music video, “Rewind,” which features Drake simulating sex with his lingerie-clad love interest. Someone’s trying hard to shed their child star image 😉

“‘Rewind’ is an exploration into a world where lines have blurred. How do you define true love versus pure passion?’” Bell tells People. “Are we in love or is it just our bodies reacting to the electricity between us? Take a listen and find out.”

Bell has three studio albums and a couple of EPs to his credit. No word if “Rewind” is off a forthcoming collection or simply a one-off.

Check out the steamy clip below. “Don’t miss the climax!!,” Drake teased on Instagram.

Drake Bell ‘Rewind’ Music Video